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What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality in simple terms is a digital environment created to simulate real life or fantasy situations. When it comes to virtual reality training, participants are emersed (totally involved) into a safe, controled and managed reality or environment. By displaying this new environment through the use of a full head set with sight and sound control, the participant experiences the controled situation without regard for the physical world. 

Virtual reality is being used in many companies and in many situations around the world. Organizations use VR to provide enhanced training and safe habit forming actions in their employees.

For more information on what VR is, check out the UK Virtual Reality Society.

Virtual Forklift uses a fully emersive VR environment to teach new forklift operators how to safely operate a forklift without the cost and dangers associated with hands on forklift training. New operators can also be safely trained in a shorter time period than with traditional methods without the risk. For experienced operators, building good safety habits can be a benifit of a VR training system.


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Virtual Forklift

Rapid Engagement Augmented Learning™

Forklift University offers many options when it comes to implementing a virtual reality training solution for your forklift operators. Currently Virtual Forklfit offers a sit-down forklift simulator from Really-Virtual, with full operator emersion, structured course learning, human in VR assistance, forklift rodeos, stability triangle notification and many other features not available in other systems.

Since Virtual Forklift is a division of Forklift University, training programs go beyond the other virtual reality forklift simulator options. Train the Trainer classes, operator training classes and integration between forklift certification and hands on operator training is the ultimate goal.

Companies, schools, staffing agencies and other forklift training companies can utilize our forkift simulators, and our training materials to offer their own integrated training programs. For individuals, there are VR training centers in select locations along with hands on driver training when possible.

There are many options when it comes to adding VR to your training options including purchase, rentals and lease programs that can help an organization use VR training when it fits their time and budget concerns. For more information use the contact form or call us directly at 888-674-9992, we will be glad to help you develop the best forklift training program possible.

The premium simulator unit is designed to provide a “near to real lift” experience for the forklift operator. Premium units come fully assembled, and have a physical steering wheel, 3 pedal system (inching pedal, brake, accelerator) like standard propane forklifts, easy touch mast controls, arm rest, high speed gaming computer, a real forklift seat and a high quality structure to provide the touch and feel of a real forklift. These units can be shipped anywhere in the country. Add setup, support and initial training and Virtual Forklift will help you to get them most out of your investment.
Premium Unit
Real-Forklift® Mobile provides the industries only mobile go anywhere forklift simulator. Utilizing the same advanced VR software as the Real-Forklift® Premium system, operators experience the same full featured training program with a smaller footprint.
Mobile Unit
Integrate a custom forklift Train the Trainer program with an on-boarding program integrated with a comprehensive Real-Forklift® forklift simulator. Fully integrated training shortens operator training times while reducing new operator incidents. The Real-Forklift® forklift simulator can help company forklift trainers to evaluate new operators in a safe environment.
OSHA Train the Trainer
Your success matters to us! By including a single day of setup and training with every sale, Forklift University stands by you and your training programs. No matter if you choose a mobile or premium unit one of our qualified trainers will help you to install and run through the training program to reduce the time to positive ROI.
Setup and Training

ROI on a VR Investment

Virtual reality is being used by companies of all sizes to reach the new workforce of today along with building good safety habits with your current workers. With a society that is deeply tied to digital devices, the acceptance of VR training solutions is on the rise. Companies have begun to reap the rewards of VR training, resulting in a better trained worker. 

In some cases the ROI on VR training can be as much as 300%. Intel uses VR to train their workforce on repetitive operations and by immersing  the worker in a structured environment, the translation to the physical work floor is immediate. 

Companies like GE, Tesla and Bridgestone are all using Virtual Forklift simulators to build safe operating habits in their forklift workforce as well as training on custom forklift attachments used at their facilities. 

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Train the Trainer
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Support & Training

Training Elevated

Enterprise customers can build a comprehensive training program around our customizable OSHA train the trainer program and our exclusive custom web based forklift safety training system.  Designed for corporate on boarding and continued forklift safety training this integrated solution goes beyond OSHA standards and delivers the best operator training solution possible. 

Our unique educational program also utilizes a similar platform, where both online and brick and mortar schools can provide a comprehensive web learning environment to their students with either an in-school forklift simulator or a specialized program at one of our regional training centers. This program is also available to staffing agencies, unions and forklift training companies that want to enhance their offerings with branded solutions.

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Our training programs have always used the standard videos, PowerPoint presentations and general hands on operator evauations and training techniques, but these programs required new operators to spend weeks of operational safety training and took experienced instructors off the floor. Now with our VR program combined with forklift safety training, we can forklift safety train operators in days with higher safety results overall. 

This is the best investment in our training program in years! Even experienced operators are building good habits and driving safer in our facilities. 

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Not ready to buy? RENT!

For those that only need the systems for a short time or want to try out our exceptional systems, we have rental options available. Mobile units can be shipped anywhere in the world, and rented for as short a time period as 1 week.

For those in Wisconsin, Kansas, Michigan, Ohio,Arizona, California and Nevada we have rental options for the premium unit.

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